I was running around camp, and it was an hour before Shabbos. Between finishing my jobs and getting ready for Shabbos, I was nervous but excited. In my secular life I didn’t keep Shabbos fully but it was something I wanted to do in the future.

After showering I felt refreshed, and excited for Shabbos to begin. I put on my beautiful Shabbos dress, stockings, and shoes. Shabbos was a time I looked forward to, since it was peaceful and lovely. I walked out of my bunk house to the dining room. During the walk I reflected on the week — it was fun but a lot of hard work.

As I got up to the dining hall, where we lit Shabbos candles, I was ready for Shabbos to come. I saw my friend and coworker Mimi. “Hi Mimi, good almost-Shabbos.” “Good almost-Shabbos to you too, Sarah.”  The campers were decorating candlesticks, chatting, and eating a snack since dinner would be quite late.

“Hello Sarah, how are you?” “Good, and you?” “Good.” Usually I felt tired, but today I felt elated!

“Okay girls, now it’s time to light Shabbos candles,” the head counselor said. I went up to the candle and struck a match. As soon as the match was lit I was in my own little world. I lit the candle and said the blessing. Then I added my own blessing asking for my family to be safe and well. I went back into the beautiful reality that was Shabbos. I admired the candles, seeing how they danced and how they lit up the room. It was a Good Shabbos indeed.


— Sarah Salles, Age 15
West Broward High School
Florida, USA