What an amazing shabbos. Girls got to have a preshabbos snack and light shabbos candles. Then the camp heard songs and a wonderful story from one of our shabbos guests Saralaya Perl. We then davened Kabblat Shabbat and enjoyed a delicious meal. First course was dips, gefilte fish, and challah; second course was soup; third course was chicken and kugel.  After dinner we heard a fabregen from another one of our shabbos guests Rabbi Caras.

Saturday was good too. First was breakfast, davening, and a grow group that was inspirational. Then there we had our meal that was delicious and filled with singing and joy. After lunch we had our rest hour and mincha. Next was a special activity called “ask the rabbi”. Girls got to ask questions to the Rabbis. Then was perki avos and shalos sedous. To end off shabbos there was sedar niggunim and havdallah. What a lovely shabbbos, and how special to be able to share it with all of camp.

Camp photos: