I’m here! Finally! Hooray, hooray!
The bus ride to Boston was okay, except that something smelled like watermelon lip gloss the entire time there and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I almost went crazy!
Then, like Nechama said, Leah and I missed our train by one minute (one MINUTE!) so we had to wait like an hour for a new one. But it was cool. I’ve never been in a big train station before. Well, not that I can remember.

A few reflections on the States through the eyes of a Montrealer:
Actually, before I start I just wanted to mention that I started writing these on the bus so I’d look busy and important and no one would come ask to sit next to me. Then I just kept it up because it was interesting.
So. Here goes.
– At least three people will ask you for money and/or offer you flowers if you are in a public place here for half an hour. I’ve kind of made it a policy to give them food instead because I don’t really know where the money’s going.
– It’s so funny how you don’t really look at the people you travel with. Well, I don’t, anyhow. The woman who sat behind me on the bus is sitting across from me on the train and I didn’t notice for fifteen minutes.
– You can’t help listening to people talking sometimes.
– Find weird Dunkin Donuts lid. (This one needs a little explanation: Basically, my father likes weird coffee cup lids and I saw this woman on the train with a kinda slanty one on her cup.)
– Note: Find out why people keep their pencils in their mouths even when they have gotten one hand free.

That’s it so far.