Hi everybody!
We’re having a great time at the YALDAH Staff and Editorial Board Shabbaton… here are some picures!

Staff picture!

A few girls at the Boston Public Library

at the Boston Public Gardens

Eating dinner!

at the Library… (the first-ever library in America!)

in the courtyard at the library…

walking in Boston

by the swan boats

it’s mother duck and her ducklings!

eating dinner on Wednesday night… (sorry it’s out of order!)

anyway, sorry it’s underlined… that’s what happens when blogs do things by themselves!
So… we’re off to daven Mincha now – we’ll update you again another day, and until then…

Good night!
-Chaya Bockian, Sima Kasten, Ilana Katzin, Tali Gross, Rochel Larson, Shterny Fogelman, Chavie Resnick, Penina Harrison, Leah Saltzman, Sara Rivka Gelber, Leah Larson and Nechama Saltzman

P.S. we’re currently listening to Shterny F. play piano and she’s really good :)