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Two statements about Shabbat.
(Excuse the Ashkinazi Havarah. It’s easiest to read when I spell it like this. Also, then my spellcheck doesn’t kill me!)

  1. Moshiach cannot fall on Shabbat.
  2. If we keep Shabbat properly, Moshiach will come.

So, nu? What’s the problem? It all makes sense. What question is there?

Why? (Why am I asking? No, why is the question!)

What do Shabbat and Moshiach have to do with each other?

When we think of Shabbat, we think of prohibitions. Why were they put in place? So that the Jews building the Mishkan would rest over Shabbat. So why didn’t they abolish them after the Mishkan was built?

Shabbat is a day for us to get closer to Hashem, to learn Torah and daven without distraction. No ‘I’m just putting the chicken in the oven!’, no ‘I just want to finish this computer game/do my homework/finish this model aeroplane/paint my nails/brush my hair!’ Nothing.

Just like in Zman Moshiach, all our needs are taken care of.  Shabbat is a taste of geulah. Also, do you know how many milachot we would violate to prepare the feast of Moshiach? :P

So, if I keep Shabbat perfectly, Moshiach will come? What about everyone else?

A lack of achdus is what is separating our nation. In order to bring Moshiach, we must all, every single member of Klal Yisroal, keep Shabbat. It sounds hard, no?

Consider the alternative. Either we bring Moshiach by the ultimate act of peace- or by a war.

It’s your choice. Do your part to bring achdus, and we will all be zoche to greet the arrival of the ultimate Shabbat, במהרה בימינו, אמן!

PS. I said I was going to mention Chabad. Here’s my guess on how Moshiach might come- please take it with a big pinch of salt.

Right before Shabbat, there will be a worldwide blackout and gas shortage. Everyone in the world will run to the nearest Chabad house. They already made food, and they have and endless supply of candles!

But seriously. The work Chabad does to bring Moshiach is incredible.