As I said in my last post, I would tell you the results of the music competition I was in this morning, and I was surprised to hear back from them tonight. So, as you can see in the title, I got second place! (Sorry about all the exclamation points, but I’m excited – I just learned of it about ten minutes ago!) I assume I’ll get the letter soon with more details. So this means I get to perform in the concert with the other finalists. It’s on March 25, and I’m so excited! I guess this means I’ll have to practice some more instead of letting the music rot in my brain, but that’s okay!

Yes, this is supposed to relate to aliyah, because this is an aliyah blog, so I’ll say this: When the judges were done listening to my performance, they asked if I wanted to become a professional harpist, and I replied yes. Then, they asked if I was going to attend a music school for college, and I said, “I hope so.” (Their faces fell a bit, and they said, “Oh.” I think they wanted to hear a definite “yes.” ) Maybe they were thinking of one in America, but I was thinking of a place in Israel. I’m sure they have plenty! But when I saw my grandparents later today and I told them about the competition, they suggested Juliard. So maybe I will come back to America for music school (though I still might not go in the first place), after all, but you never know until it happens!

Sorry this is a rather short post, but I’m afraid I must run around a bit and work off my excitement and squeal, “I got second place!” a lot. Eeee!


[Revision note 3/10/14: I apologize, I forgot to include the HWOTW: postcard (glu-yah) גלויה]Silver Medal