How does Sarah Imeinu inspire me? 

When I think about it, I realize how many Mitzvot behind the scenes Sarah did.  She had to be ready for guests that Avraham brought at every minute of the day.  She had to make food and a resting place well in advance, because who knew when guests would come?  I want to be like that.  I want to be able to do Mitzvot behind the scenes with grace, like give Tzeddakah Matan Beseter – without anyone knowing.  That way I will get a greater reward in the world to come. 

I could not imagine how Sarah went up to Avraham and asked him to marry Hagar.  Because she wanted them to have a child so much (for the sake of the continuation of the Jewish people), she had to live with someone who could have a child.  Hagar was haughty and teased her; so Sarah treated her harshly.  I could not imagine deliberately inviting someone into my life when I knew that she wouldn’t respect me.  Learning about Sarah’s act helps me to overcome my own personal sensitivities, and act with strength when the situation calls for it.  Some commentators say that it was wrong for Sarah to treat Hagar harshly. But others defend Sarah’s actions, as they viewed her as acting without self-interest.  She and Avraham were representatives of Hashem.  She was acting with Gevura for Hashem’s sake.  I think all of Klal Yisrael can learn a lesson from that.  If someone insults you, be Mevater and let it go.  But if someone is insulting Hashem or Klal Yisrael, remember that you are a representative of Hashem and act for Hashem’s sake. 

In all of the names of the Parshiot, Sarah Imeinu is the only one mentioned out of the Avot and Imahot.  Parashat “Chayei Sarah” includes Sarah Imeinu’s name.  I think that means that she was very special, and Sarah Imeinu’s legacy lives on in all Jewish women.


—Maital Tzipporah Ledder, Age 14
Beit Yaakov Yesodot
Nof Ayalon, Gezer, Israel