1/2 yard pre-quilted fabric

matching thread

marking pen

needle or sewing machine



1.) Fold the fabric in half so that it is doubled

2.) Trace your hand on the fabric with the marking hand. Don’t trace around the fingers. Make a dome or arc around the top of the fingers. Go 6 – 8 inches up the arm

3.) Draw another line about 1 inch around the outside of the first line

4. ) Reapeat on another area of the fabric

5.) Cut out each doubled piece. (So that you have 4 pieces when you cut it out)

6.) Pin it right sides together of two pieces the next two pieces should be wrong sides towards the wrong sides of each of the first two pieces.

7.) Sew around the fingers, leaving the straight edge by the wrist open.

8.) Hem the area at the wrist.

9.) Clip the rounded edges by the seam.

10.) Turn right side out.

11.) Wear and enjoy while you make a delicious recipe.