Hiya you all!  Probably most of you are in camp or doing fun things for summer. I’m busy baking! Here is a recipe for ruglach it’s my own so you may need to change the recipe a little.

Here’s the main thing. You need puff pastry dough. Then you can buy fillings or make the plain old chocolate. I love vanilla ruglach so this is how I make them.

Preheat the oven to 350. So usually puff pastry dough comes in rectangles so you first smear it with oil. Then cut long lines or if you want triangles out of the dough.. Then you spread the fillings over the puff pastry dough. You roll it and you place them on a pan. Then you place them in the oven.Check on them in about 20 minutes to see how they are doing if they look baked take them out to cool. If not keep them in for 5 more minutes. Coat them with some sugar Serve them!

Now for the funny thing. In my family we have a big jug that’s used for pouring  negal vaasers for every one and since we don’t use water from the bathroom we have to go downstairs for the negal vaasers. So last night I was utterly exhausted but i had to pour negal vaasersso i go fill up the jug and a sight met me. You know the little bathroom cups for the bathroom well look at this picture and then explain to me what happened.

My sister put the small cups for the bathroom in my mother’s negal vaaser shissel! BTW she’s 3!

Good Shabbos all of you!