By Johanna Robinson

What girl doesn’t enjoy beaded jewelry? Here is a great way to transform pretty scrap paper into beautiful, one-of-a-kind beads. By rolling the beads around different thicknesses of wire or skewers you get different sized holes, so you can make your beads fit a variety of string or wire. You can also try rolling other shapes instead of triangles such as rectangles or two connected triangles (kind of like an M) to get different shaped beads. Play with it! Have fun!




 1. Measure and cut long isosceles triangles out of the papers. The bases should be as wide as you want the length of your bead to be (mine are ¾ of an inch), the triangles stretching the length of the page (approximately 10-12 inches). The longer the triangle is, the thicker the bead will be. Cut as many triangles as will fit on your pages; each triangle will become a bead.

2. Take one triangular strip and, starting with the base, begin to roll the strip around an unbent paper clip.

3. Roll about an inch then spread glue on the rest of the underside of the paper strip.

4. Finish rolling the strip. As the triangle gets skinnier, the middle of the bead will get thicker, giving your bead an elongated oval shape.

5. Balance the straightened paper clip with your bead on it across the open top of the container to dry.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 with the rest of the triangular strips. Several beads will fit onto each straightened paper clip.
7. When they are dry, you can paint the beads with Mod Podge to make them shiny and hard. After you paint each of the beads on the paper clips with Mod Podge, place the paper clips on container to dry.

8. String your beads onto the wire, string or bead findings to create beautiful rolled-bead jewelry. Mix in glass or wood beads for added flare.