Hi everyone it’s been too long since I posted but I will try to be more frequent. Anyway about a month ago I got a dog, Autumn, who is a rescue Greyhound. She was a race dog who won 15 races and could go up to 45 mph. We got her from a Greyhound rescue and the lady who runs the organization literally holds  about 7 dogs in her Garage. That’s an amazing mitzvah. She selected Autumn for us and I  was apprehensive. It turns out I shouldn’t have been. She is sweet and when my mom and I come home from school she runs so fast to us and is happy. She eats her food in two minutes and loves walking. Unlike most dogs, however, she rarely ever barks. Mostly she sleeps and sometimes walks around. Overall she is the sweetest dog and I love her so much, which is great considering I was a bit sciddish with dogs.  She is a bit scared of people, so remember to talk in a sweet voice. She could bark and growl, but she does it out to protect herself. She doesn’t do well with small dogs and kids, since she may mistake them for rabbits. One last thing to remember about Autumn and Greyhounds is they have had a hard life so they are sensitive  to some things (e.g. vacuums, loud noises). Overall if you are looking for a nice and sweet dog, Greyhounds are amazing.

Have a lovely day and let me know want you want me to review next.