What you need:

1 package inkjet photo fabric

4 packages of fat quarters or 4 – 1/4 yard pieces of different cotton or  cotton/ polyester blend fabric

2 yards of a cotton or cotton/ polyester blend fabric

2 yards of batting


Digital photos of family or events that you want to remember

Matching thread


Print photos onto the photo fabric.

Cut 4 – 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of fabric from each of the fat quarters

Layout photos and fabric squares in a way that you like so that each row is the same length.

Starting from right to left, put the piece of fabric on the right on top of the piece on the left right sides together and pin and sew on the right side so that now two of the pieces are together  continue with each pair.

Repeat with each pair, and then sew any remaining pieces to the correct row.

Now sew each row together. This will form a bigger quare or rectangle

Cut the 2 yard piece of fabric batting so that they are  the same size as the patchwork piece.

Pin sew that right sides are together of the fabric with the batting at the back (wrong side) of the plain piece of fabric.

Sew all four sides, leaving a 4 inch opening so that you can turn it.

Clip corners and turn right side out

Sew opening

Now sew over the seams in straight lines (this is the quilting)

Hang on your wall and enjoy. I used family photos, but you can use photos from a vacation or even use fabric that reminds you of a vacation.