Remembering Lori & Our Response to Tragedy

“Pouring Geula” by Malkie Peiser
“Stardust” – A Tribute Poem to the Martyrs of Our People


I am not a counselor, educator, community leader or inspirational speaker; I am not even experienced in life.  I cannot offer words of wisdom, but only words of love and support, comfort and determination.  They are not perfect or eloquent (and they run a little long…), but they are real.  And I offer a blessing from the sensitive, aching heart of a Jew.  I hope they will enter your heart, and encourage you to consider how we can respond to this terrible darkness we’re facing, and a pain still so raw, following the fatal shooting in the Jewish community at Chabad of Poway.  “Vehachai yitein el libo – And the living shall take to heart…”

Here are my thoughts in a video of four parts.  Below, I’ve provided links to the Mitzvah campaigns and the latest on Poway.


And another timely and deeply inspiring article:



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