Hi there!

Really I’m in the middle of midterms now so I don’t have much time to write but I already studied almost everything for tomorrow so I can say hi!!

Pictures… a picture of the end of Neve’s Chanukah Chagigah which all of the seminary girls from all over come to… it was amazing. Girls are awesome!!! Also, some Menorahs in Neve Yerushalayim where I go to school [we all light together in the dining room], and my Menorah! I saw that Tali mentioned something about where Chanukah happened so I thought I’d share a couple pictures of that special place – how it looks nowadays. The first one is the night before Chanukah started, the second is earlier this week.

Currently listening to… “Dreams Come True” by Abie Rotenberg on Journeys IV. Definitely worth getting if you don’t have it yet!!
I hear our subscribers are getting the winter issue! Let us know what you think! I’ll tell you my opinion – I LOVE IT and I think it’s awesome!!!

Yay for our amazing staff and the 2011 Editorial Board!

And as Meira said, join us as we look ahead to spring – please, submit!!