Production 5776
In a  costume, standing in the shoes of the girl whose role I play for the night,
Which is a costume or truly me?
Which character traits are just a costume,
A mask, the makeup covering my true colours?
I stand, my new  self with a new shade and colour, my lips a new shade of red, my eyes seemingly a new colour provided by the makeup that ‘transformed ‘ me.
My ancient looking necklace, the braids flying near my ears, I am transformed into a new era, a new country, a new lifestyle, a new challenge from our generation.
As I enter my role of a woman in the dark threatening times in the Spanish Inquisition who is desperately trying to cling to the golden remnants of the chain of Torah,
I wonder, is this me?
Which traits of her can I relate to?
Which traits of her can I aspire?
Which traits of the girl I am for a few hours reveals part of the hidden traits I never knew I had?
Which parts of me are just a costume, like the makeup I wear for a few hours that hides the true beauty that’s behind it, that just shows superficial beauty?
Can our “makeup” and “true face” be told apart?
Sometimes it’s hard to know which one is the right one, which one would lead us to everlasting good, and is not just a costume,

But the true person.

Production 5777
In bright colors and hoop earrings, with bangles galore,
For two nights I’m American, an Aussie no more,
In a costume again, standing in the shoes  of the woman whose role I play for those nights,
I wonder,
Which of my character traits are just a costume,
A mask, the makeup behind my true colors?
Am I finding out some of my hidden character traits by showing the audience new ones, ones that don’t really feel like mine?
Does my second time on stage in my school’s production bring out a new side of me, a new talent that is budding and can flourish over time,
One thing for sure, I thank Hashem for- for the second time- Letting me be in the spotlight and be one of the stars of the show,
And for showing me, that by doing His Will and being a Dugma Chaya, you can be the star of the Spiritual Show, wherever you go.