This Shabbos there was a shooter in a neighborhood near mine… He came in to a shul and shot a lot of people, and some were killed. It was amazing to see the things that followed: The whole community, Jewish or not, joined together, to raise funds, comfort, and support. We had a gathering in my neighborhood, and over two hundred people showed; most of them were strangers and most of them were not Jewish, but they all came to support us. This is so amazing, but it begs the question: Why is all this unity just starting now? Why don’t we see it at any other time – only when a tragedy happens? There is a story about a family who no one noticed very much, until the father passed away. Then, everyone came in to help and support; but why didn’t they notice them before? I do not know the answer, but I do know I can make a small difference, by being nice, supportive and helpful to everyone. I would like to ask you to as well: Don’t wait for something big to start, but start now. Be nice and kind to everyone, and hope we never need something bad to wake us up to each other.