Hello everyone! This craft will help you to refashion/repurpose an old cosmetic, plastic case. Many toiletry products are packaged in zippered, plastic cases that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Rather than allowing them to litter your environment, refashion them into stylish purse-wear!

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Let’s get started!

Supplies you will need:

-1 Recycled plastic and zippered cosmetic case

-Felt Scraps

-Buttons, beads, bows, ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, or anything else you’d like to decorate with

-Fabric Scissors

-Embroidery thread or regular sewing thread in colors of your choice

-1 Sewing needle

-A hot glue gun

-1 Pen

-Craft glue

You may require adult assistance/supervision when handling the hot glue gun and/or the sewing needle.

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Let’s get started!

Step 1: I decided to embellish my zippered pouch with a felt ice cream cone. From tan colored felt, I cut an isosceles triangle to be the ice cream cone shape. An isosceles triangle is one that has two congruent (equal) sides. As you can see below, the two congruent sides of the isosceles triangle are 2.4 inches long. However, the size of the ice cream cone shape will depend on the design you are creating as well as the size of your zippered pouch.

photo 57


Step 2: Use a pen to lightly draw diagonal lines about 0.5 centimeters apart from one another.

photo 58


Step 3: Embroider over the diagonal lines you sketched with embroidery/sewing thread in a color that contrasts the tan color of the ice cream cone shape.

photo 59


Step 4: Following steps 2 and 3, create another set of diagonal lines to intersect the diagonal lines previously made.

photo 60


Step 5: Sketch an ice cream scoop shape with a pen onto a piece of colored felt. Then, cut out the sketched shape with fabric scissors.

photo 61

photo 62


Step 7: Decorate the ice cream scoop shape with rhinestones, buttons, beads, etc. to resemble sprinkles and a cherry. When finished, attach the ice cream scoop to the ice cream cone with an extra tacky craft glue.

photo 63

photo 64


Step 8: Hot glue the completed ice cream cone to the plastic case. I added felt hearts, felt swirl shapes, and more rhinestones to further embellish my plastic case.

photo 65


Step 9: If there is a logo on the opposite side of your plastic case, then you may want to cover it with more embellishments. I covered the logo on my plastic case with more felt hearts and one rhinestone.

photo 66

Step 10: To make a tassel with three layers of different color fringe, cut three rectangular felt pieces in different colors. The size of these rectangular pieces will depend on how large you would like your tassel to be in ratio to the plastic case and the plastic case’s zipper.

photo 67


Step 11: Cut a fringe on each felt strip with fabric scissors. Then, hot glue them together in a stack without applying hot glue to any of the fringe.

photo 69photo 70

Step 12: Roll the stack of felt fringed rectangles into a tassel shape while applying hot glue to ensure that the tassel will not unroll. The top of the tassel should look like a tight spiral.

photo role up


photo swirl


Step 13: Cut a small strip of felt. Hot glue both of its ends to the top of the tassel (the spiral) to form a loop.

photo piece

photo loop


Step 14: Cut a small piece of embroidery thread, and loop it through the felt loop that was attached to the top of the tassel. Be sure not to tie the ends of the embroidery thread together.

photo string


photo l 2

photo looped

Step 15: Tie the tassel to the zipper of the plastic case with the untied embroidery thread.

photo tied tassel


Voila! You now have a beautiful, personalized, and stylized zippered case. I know you’ll feel proud to carry this one of a kind fancy creation!

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Sarah the Craft Blogger :)

P.S. Let me know how your purse creation turns out!