My favoTo make this dress about three yards of one fabric, a half yard of another fabric and matching thread

A large piece of pattern paper

Start with your favorite t-shirt pattern and your favorite a-line skirt pattern. Trace them and then tape the two patterns together, front to the front, back to the back so the waistbands overlap.

Next take the front pattern and mark two inches below your bust. draw a straight line and cut.

Trace five rectangles. that are 4 1/2 inches  by the width of the front skirt piece. Cut 3 inches off the top of the front skirt piece. This should be in the contrasting fabric

I cut a slight v into the top of the shirt and added a triangle pannel. (I used a contrasting fabric)

Trace the sleeve as normal

Pin the pattern.


All seams should be 5/8 of an inch. Sew a second seam or serge.

Pin the top front to the back right sides together at the shoulder and sew.

Pin the neck hem and sew down (usually about 1/8 of an inch)

If you want to put in a panel this is when (see adding flare to your shirt)

Pin in sleeves right sides together and sew.

Pin one of the rectangles to the top front right sides together. (this is the toughest part because it is easy to sew in backwards)

Take two of the other rectangle and pin right sides together. Sew on the two long sides and one short side. Turn right side out. Repeat steps with the other two rectangles.

Pin the skirt to the top front at the waistband (the first rectangle) and sew.

Pin the front skirt to the first rectangle, right sides together and sew

Take the other two rectangles pieces and pin so that the open edge matches the open edge of the waistband right sides and shortsides together. One at each side.

Pin right sides together of the whole dress, front to back, making sure the ties (the other rectangles) are toward the inside (you may want to pin them to the front because sometimes they get caught in the seam). Sew.

Pin and hem the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, so that the sleeves and the dress are the length you like.

Wear and enjoy.