Do you want to make something special for your Shabbos table, but you don’t know what? Well here’s something you could do.


1/2 yard Judaic fabric or more

3 inch by 6 inch rectangle white fabric

1 black permanent marker or fabric marker

1 brown permanent marker or fabric marker

Matching thread


Marking pen

Needle or sewing machine

Picture of challah

Printout of the words Shabbat Shalom or whatever you want it to say


What to do:

Before cutting, make sure the size will fit over the size challah your family usually has. Cut the Judaic fabric in half, creating two rectangles that are approximately 18  x 22 1/2 or cut two rectangles of approximately that size or larger. If necessary, use a marking pen to draw the rectangle.

Pin the two rectangles together, right sides and raw edges together, and sew a 5/8 inch seam around all edges leaving a two inch opening on one side to turn it.

Turn challah cover right side out and sew up opening.

Lay the white fabric over the two print outs so that you can trace them onto the white fabric. Trace them onto the white fabric.

Pin white fabric onto the challah cover and sew around the edge of the white fabric, sewing it onto the challah cover.

Use and enjoy.