Do you like having decorative, cloth napkins? If you do, here is how to make them. They are super easy, and just a little bit of fabric makes a lot of napkins. This is a great project if you want to entertain younger siblings or cousins and keep them busy while your parents are preparing for the Festival meal.

What you will need:

1 yard of  a unique woven cotton or cotton blend fabric ( I chose fabric with oranges on it)

Matching thread.


How to make :

Cut a 10 inch by 9 inch rectangle

On one of the four sides fold up 1/4 of fabric and sew down making a hem.  Reapeat on each of the four sides.  It will form a smaller rectangle.

If you want to make them bigger, that works too.

If you want to get creative you iron on an applique made from a contrasting fabric and an iron-on bonding material or you can sew -on an applique.

Each napkin only takes a few minutes to make and you have a really unique place-setting.

Note: One yard of fabric makes about 16 Napkins. Another thing that’s great is you can wash and re-use them over and over again.