With this quick and easy project  you can have a one of a kind case for your glasses.



1.)1 yard padded fabric/batting and fabric

2.)Matching thread


4.)Extra needles

5.)Tracing paper and pen



1.) On the tracing paper, rectangle that is 1/2 inch bigger than  your sunglasses or glasses on each side.

2.) Fold the fabric and pin  the rectangle at the fold (one of the short sides should be on the fold) and cut pattern out of fabric (repeat with batting if you are using batting and thin fabric instead of padded fabric). Don’t cut the fold.

3.) If you are using batting instead of padded fabric, pin it to the fabric on the “wrong side.”

4.) Fold fabric (and batting) in half, right sides together (so that the long sides and the short sides match)

5.) Sew a 1/4 inch seam on each of the long sides

6.) Make a hem at the end.  Make sure you are leaving open (the short side without the fold)

7.) Lastly, sew in some Velcro to the top flap of the case

Now you can enjoy!eyeglass case

Note: Padded fabric is fabric with quilt lines on it. It is a little thicker than a plain cotton or cotton blend