Chana, Yehudis, and Yaakov were a fun threesome! So this is the second family I did, and I have to say both families’ photos came out looking lovely. I think it’s the kids, they have this special liveliness that is somehow contagious when you’re around them, it makes you want to smile no matter how upset you may be. It’s the coolest thing. I learned this trick in a photography class: if you ever want a serious kid to smile, tell him/her, “Don’t smile! Hey! I said DON’T smile!” It’s human nature to smile when someone tells you not to. This works especially well with kids, and these kids burst out laughing after I told them that. The result of my little trick were these fun pictures. Yaakov, the little boy, kept saying he was getting tickled by his sister next to him, and although she wasn’t tickling him, he was laughing so hard, he forgot my policy with “no smiling”. Well, if you ever have that tough moment don’t forget that trick, it works wonders. Another little story happened to me while photographing a bunch of kids. They all had this idea that they’d convince each other not to look at the camera, and once I said: “Hey guys, is there an elephant on my head? I’m really scared.” That did it, and they finally agreed to look at the camera. There’s many other tips on how to get children to smile for pictures, but these two are my favorites. Remember, if you’re feeling frustrated that the person/kid won’t smile for the camera, don’t worry because every photographer has been there and you’re not alone in your sorrows! And of course, if it ends up looking like your two year old brother took the picture, keep it, because one day it might become a famous photo for its style of art :) Hey, you never know!


FOTW: Forcing yourself to smile, even though you’re in a bad mood, can boost your spirits. Start smiling!