How do we know that Achashverosh had a telephone?

First he gave Haman a ring, then he hung him up.


What month did the Megillah start in?

ויהי בימי in May.


Which of Haman’s sons was the best swimmer?

Dalphon- he was a dolphin.


How do we know to wash before we eat?

First came Vashti, then came Esther.


How do we know that the people in Shushan were hard of hearing?

ויהי בימי אחשוואראש who? Achashverosh.


What’s the point of a hamantash?

It has 3 points.


How do we know Achashverosh had an aquarium?

He gave Haman the royal seal.


Why is the Megillah named after a woman and not a man?

Because a lady can take a little story and turn it into a long Megillah.