Try out these 3 great ideas for Purim costumes! 

Bazooka Bubble Gum!

Sent in by Jenna Grady

For starters:
Gather as much light pink (bubble-gum pink) clothing as possible! Be creative. You can have a pink shirt, skirt, earrings, socks, shoes, bracelets, necklace, etc.

Use the logo:
You can make as many things as you want using the logo of Bazooka. It’s best to use the Israeli logo. Some ideas are: a sash, a box with the logo painted on it (you can even hand out the gum), tape the wrapper on your shirt, or keep the gum wrapped up and hot-glue a pin backing to it.

For your hair:
Blow up 1 to 10 pink balloons as big/small as you want. You can tie a few (2 to 5) balloons to a headband with ribbon. Or you can tie or attach them to a ponytail holder, or clip the balloons to your hair with clips. Make sure to tie the balloons, so they don’t  lose all their air!



Sent in by Chava Resnick


An old sheet
Fabric markers, beads, etc.
Safety pin

1. On a piece of paper, sketch some wings and plan your butterfly pattern. Experiment with different designs until you find one you like best.

2. Spread out the sheet. If you like, hold down the corners of the sheet with weights.

3. Lie down on the sheet with your arms spread out to the sides. Have someone else trace your upper body with a pencil. Then draw the shape of the wings.

4. Decorate the wings using the fabric paints and other supplies. Be creative!

5. Cut out the wings.

6. Hold the material up to your shoulders, with one wing tip in each hand. Have someone mark the top edge of each wing near your wrists.

7. On each wing, measure about 6 inches on either side of the mark. Cut as shown in the dotted lines of the diagram. This will leave two straps on both sides.

8. When you’re ready to put the wings on, hold them up again and tie the straps around your wrists. Pin the top center to the back of your shirt near your collar.

Finishing Touches:
1. Wear a pair of boingy antennae (available at most party stores).
2. Wear a shirt and skirt of the same color, for the body of the butterfly.
3. Use face paint to add an even more butterfly-like appearance, or just to be a little wild.

Flap your wings and have fun!

Tzedakah Box

Sent in by Zehava Gale

This is a fun costume and it’s also a great way to collect tzedakah for an organization. And younger kids won’t stop asking “where’s the money going?!”

You’ll need:

A large cardboard box (one you can fit into)
A cereal box
Scissors or an Expo knife
Decorating materials: markers, wrapping paper, glitter etc.


1. Cut a hole in the top if the large box for your head to go through. Make sure it’s big enough for your head, but small enough that your shoulders won’t slide through.
2. Cut off the bottom of the box, that’s where your legs will go.
3. Cut one hole in each side for your arms to go through.
4. Cut a slot in the top of the large box (where the money goes in.)
5. Open up the cereal box and tape it under the slot. That’s where the money will go.
6. Decorate your tzedakah box! Cover it with colorful paper, or tinfoil to make it look like silver. You may also want to write about the organization you’re giving the money to on the box.

Comment with your most creative Purim costume ideas!