Pesach!  I love Pesach (once the cleaning is over, that is). The seder is a time for my family to sit and fulfill many mitzvos together. Pesach is a time when we really remember that Hashem is watching over us. I’ve heard that the way to really appreciate and have a meaningful Pesach  is putting effort into preparing. This can mean physically–helping clean for Pesach–and spiritually–learning more about the holiday and the story of Pesach. A great rabbi once said that his most meaningful Pesach during which he reached great spiritual heights was the Pesach he had spent much time scrubbing his dorm/apartment in Yerushalayim in preparation.

Below is a link to a great 5 minute video about the legacy that is our seder. The speaker, Charlie Harary, one of my favorite speakers, has other great videos available on his website or You can find more information about Pesach there as well.