By Fortunee Cohen

It may be the end of summer, but when you go swimming make sure to keep these rules in mind.

One of my favorite activities to do with all my friends and family is go to the pool. In Miami, where I live, it is always sunny and super hot outside; so going to the pool is a usual activity for me. It feels so refreshing to take a dip in the pool after a long and hectic day, but you have to make sure to stay safe while you are at the pool. (Some background information: The layer that protects the earth from UV rays has a hole in it, so that means that UV rays are penetrating into the earth. UV rays are able to reach us and they are very harmful for our skin.)


There are five very important pool- safety rules that every girl should follow:

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Have a parent or lifeguard around
  • Drink plenty of water while you are at the pool
  • Don’t dive or jump into the pool
  • Wear goggles


One of the most important things to put on before you go to the pool is sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen thirty minutes before you go to the pool because if you put it a minute before you go into the pool, the water will wash it off your skin. Also, apply sunscreen to your face but make sure the sunscreen is oil free because oily sunscreens will make you get pimples. If you don’t want to put sunscreen on your face, put a hat on and wear sunglasses while you are at the pool.

Make sure to always have a parent or lifeguard around while you are at the pool, especially if your little brothers and sisters are in the pool with you. Many times we think we are responsible enough to take care of our little siblings, but in case of any emergency, you need a parent or any adult to be supervising. If nobody is able to watch you while you are at the pool, change plans and go somewhere else.

Remember to always drink plenty of water while you are at the pool. Even if the day is beautiful and you feel like you are not sweating, never stop drinking water. Make sure to throw away the cups in the garbage after you drink water because your little siblings might grab a cup and start playing with it in the pool and when you don’t realize, they will start drinking pool water from the cup. If you don’t want to drink water, make sure to at least drink something, such as orange juice, lemonade, or soda. The most important thing is to stay hydrated.

Many girls don’t realize, but jumping or diving into the pool is dangerous because you have a big chance of getting hurt with the surface of the pool or even with the stairs of the pool. When I was little, I jumped into the pool and I ended up hitting my chin with the stairs of the pool. My chin wouldn’t stop bleeding so I went to the hospital and I ended up having to get stitches. Ouch! I am advising you to never jump into a pool, even if a parent or lifeguard is supervising.

Lastly, the water of the pool has a lot of chlorine inside, so make sure to always wear goggles while you are underwater. Even if you could see underwater, the chlorine might make your eyes red or you might start feeling like your eyes are burning. If you don’t want to wears goggles, at least put on sunglasses so the sun won’t bother your eyes.

If you follow these five important pool-safety rules, you will be safe every time you go to the pool! Trust me! I encourage you to talk with your parents and see what other pool-safety rules they think you should follow. Stay safe, and don’t forget to put on sunscreen!