A clock falling just missed me, a car missed running over me by an inch,

Can this all simply be a coincidence?

The bell rang a little late today, so it saved me from detention and enable me to be on time,

My teacher let me get a good mark on my poem even though it didn’t rhyme.

A girl who wouldn’t normally do this,  smiled at me and said hello,

The light was immediately green when I was at the lights in a hurry to go,

The wind drops a leaf so a worm can have shade,

When she wants to dig in the sand, ‘out of nowhere’ appears a  spade.

Can the numerous wonders daily, be purely coincidental?

Can it be all by chance that the only cucumber left was my favourite, continental?

Open your eyes,

Appreciate and  see,

The Hashgacha Pratis Hashem shows you and me.

A little boy’s eye shine when he sees this shiny, pretty thing on the ground,

He gleefully laughs at the shiny piece of entertainment he has found,

But just as he puts in his hand this toy that caught his eye,

His father grabs it away so he starts to cry.

“Why did my father take away this toy,

And took away my very joy,

And made me very sad,

And made befall on me this bad.”

What this boy did not realize, was that this ‘toy’ was a sharp knife,

And though the father had dampened a bit the happiness in his life,

He did it for his own good, so that he shouldn’t get cut in any way,

Because he wanted to do the best for him, and because he loves him, at the end of the day.

Throughout our history, and in our personal life every day,

So many  things befall us- we don’t know what to say,

But we’re just the child- we can’t possibly understand our Father’s Ways,

But we should realize- He’s doing it for the good for us, because He truly Loves us always.