SUNDAY: Back and forth, prepare for the coming week.  Ballet practice and music lessons.  No time to take a breath.  Rush, rush, rush.
MONDAY: Hurry, hurry off to school, don’t want to be late.  Homework to be done.  No time to rest.  Rush, rush, rush.
TUESDAY: Study for your test and finish all your work.  Cramming hard late into the night.  No time to break.  Rush, rush, rush.
WEDNESDAY: Take a test and hurry after school to music lessons.  Text all of your friends and wait for a response.  No time to relax.  Rush, rush, rush.
THURSDAY: Finish up a project, and go out to shop for Shabbos.  Chores and so much more must be done.  No time to do anything but what must be done.  Rush, rush, rush.
FRIDAY: Hurry up, it’s Shabbos soon.  Cooking, cleaning, washing, setting.  Hurry up.  Rush, rush, rush.
SHABBOS: No phones, no school, not even writing.  No driving, no playing music.  Shabbos seems so limiting BUT it’s a special gift we’ve been given.  A time to take a breath, rest, relax; to take a break from all our stress.  Without it, we might all have gone insane.  Thank you Hashem, for this gift.  A time to spend with family, and with our Father Above.  A time to reflect, enjoy.  A gift.