This blog has been a little slow over the winter. So I decided to go back into my computer and find the best pictures I took in spring, summer, or fall!


This is a picture of our pea plant, which appeared in First Frost.



This is a picture of kale, which incidentally appeared in the same post as the peas (above)!





This is our compost bowl, which appeared in Compost and Coffee Grounds.


This is the clearness of our fish pond after the remodel, which was explained in So Much Going On!



This is one of my houseplants! This picture appeared in Let’s Go Inside.

And here are some pictures of plants which didn’t make it to my blog:


This is a plant which I attempted to transplant. It has very sweet-scented white flowers, but unfortunately, it died. I was able to get a really cool picture of it, though!

foxgloves flowers redflowers








I took these three pictures when we visited Chanticleer Gardens this spring. Aren’t the flowers pretty?

Anyway, that’s it! Hopefully we will start planting our garden for this summer soon…