We invited YALDAH readers to take a photo of anyone, anything, anywhere…as long as it had a YALDAH magazine in it. We got some pretty creative submissions! 

First Place:

Nechama Saltzman, age 14, from WI

This is a photo of my little brother Shabsi, he’s two years old. Our whole family loves YALDAH!


Shoshana Levitt, age 12 from CA

A picture perfect Hanukkah

Chaya Rosenstrauch, age 15 from NY

Furry friends love YALDAH too!

 Rachel Goffin, age 1o from MA

Jewish girls bloom with YALDAH

I'm a YALDAH yaldah!

 Scoony Turner, age 14 from NY

Thee grand prize winner received a $50 gift certificate to belowtheknee.com, and each of the runners-up received stationery from www.frumfun.com. Stay tuned for future contests!