Pesach time is nearing,
a hum is in the air.
We bustle to and fro
cleaning everywhere!

Soon the hum will quiet,
we’ll calm down, take a seat,
and begin our Pesach seder
to sing, and talk, and eat.

After making kiddush,
and washing, karpas too,
we tell the Pesach story
we all do, every Jew.

The slavery we went through
for Pharaoh (he was cruel).
We were just a belonging
like a hated, beaten jewel.

Moshe and Aharon, his brother
rescued us from him,
and with help from Hashem, our G-d
escaped a battle grim.

Now so many years later,
we sit and tell this tale
of freedom, slaves, and wicked men,
of dancing, and of hail.