For Mitzrayim, Egypt is the translation,
It relates to  Maytzarim/ limitation,
Egypt, is not just a geographical place on a map to find,
Egypt is a state of being, a state of mind.

Egypt is when we say “I can’t do it today,
I won’t be successful anyway,”
Egypt is when we allow our emotions to rule,
Instead of controlling ourselves and staying cool.

Out of Egypt, we need to break through,
We will show the world what we can do,
Each one of us, is a shining star,
We can make a difference, wherever we are!

At the Passover Seder we will see,
How to leave our personal slavery,
Please join us on this journey,
We will experience what it means to be free.

The first step is to make Kiddush on a cup of wine,
We sanctify the holiday so fine,
We need to separate ourselves from all the rest,
We need to reveal our inner holiness, which is the best!

Washing our hands is step number two,
We need to bring the holiness into our actions too,
Dipping an onion into salt water is step number three,
We need to work hard and shed some tears to be truly free.

In step number four we break the Matza into two,
There is nothing more whole than the broken heart of a Jew,
We retell the story in step number five,
We need to voice our goals and bring them alive.

When we wash our hands a second time we feel,
That step number six starts the real deal,
In step seven the blessing of Hamotzei we say,
Hashem is the one who provides for us every day.

Eating the Matza comes eighth,
It fills us with healing and faith,
In step number nine we realize,
That bitter times is goodness in disguise.

In Egypt, the more the Jews suffered the more they grew,
We eat the bitter herbs and grow from challenges too,
In step number ten the bitter herbs are concealed,
In the sandwich, only the Matza is revealed.

In step eleven, we don’t eat the meal in an indulging way,
We eat to have strength to serve Hashem every day,
In step twelve, we eat the Afikomin that was hidden,
To reveal G-dliness is our mission.

In step thirteen we thank Hashem for our food,
We are happy with what we have and show our gratitude,
In step fourteen, for Elijah we open the door,
The gates of heaven are open forsure.

In step fifteen, our service is accepted,
To Hashem we are connected,
Hashem, now it is your turn,
To bring the light of Moshiach, for which we yearn.