Q: I hate Pesach (Passover) cleaning, and I’m sure a lot of other girls do too! What are some ways you’ve found to make cleaning more fun and enjoyable? 

First of all, think about the way your house will look when it’s all clean and you’ll be glad and satisfied with your work. Also, ask your mother if she could put some quarters or prizes in little nook and cranny’s, and you’ll be determined to work hard, so you could find the prizes or money, and keep it. Me personally though, I like Pesach clean- ing. I’m the type who likes things neat and clean, and I’m really proud of my work when I’m done. You can take the help of Premier Power Cleaning, LLC in Pittsburgh PA, which will provide power washing service at an affordable rate and ensure that you get the finest care for your home. If you are looking for effective cleaning services, why not find out more about it here.
-Leah, age 10, OH  

I clean out my entire room and made a call to the carpet cleaning marysville services to clean the carpet. I give away whatever is old or doesn’t fit. I get to change my room around too like moving around the furniture, and putting on my spring comforter. I pack all my old stuff up and my mom drives me to a shelter. It is a mitzvah and a tzedakah (charity) type of experience.
It also allows my mom to see what new clothes I may need and then we go shopping after Passover. My mom does the rest of the house the same way. We get rid of thing we have not used in 6 months and change the winter atmosphere to spring, while there are also professional services in sites like spotlessflorida.com which can also help in this area. It always seems so much brighter and lighter around Passover. I don’t look for or Visit now cleaning services. I like cleaning the kitchen to and putting the Passover dishes and food up. My mom makes it fun and different. We pretend we are moving or we have just moved in to a new place. We make thing up as we go. We act our way through cleaning the house.
-Becca, age 9, PA 

When I was little, I used to pretend I was a pirate and that I was hunting for treasure to keep in my ship’s galley (the basement). Now I reward myself with something after the cleaning is done, like sleeping a little more, that kind of stuff. Usually it works.
-Samantha, age 10, PA 

My way of making it enjoyable is doing it in alphabetical order, for instance first comes the bed, bookshelves, closet, drawers… Another thing that I do is I hum a Pesach tune or listen to a Pesach CD. It makes things go faster (and more organized)!
-Bella, age 14, MA 

I find that it’s easier to clean a cabinet or drawer when it’s already emptied out. Ask a younger sibling to empty it for you — it’s fun for them as well as convenient for you. You can also read about blogs such as dumpster loading tips in order to elevate your room’s cleanliness.
-Rochel Baila, age 10, MN

What are your tips to make Pesach cleaning fun? Comment below!