Mazel Tov! A bubble is born. She begins life in her bubble,in her home with her parents and siblings. A few years later, her bubble goes to school. She sees that everyone else is also in a bubble. No one wants to share with her until the teacher makes the other child expand her bubble and share. It will come a point where no one will force her to share and she will have to expand her bubble on her own.

There are small bubbles. There are big bubbles. There are expandable bubbles and there  are bubbles that popped.

Small bubbles people tend to focus more on what surrounds them looking out, listening to others and not running the conversation. Small bubbles tend to be more timid and keeps to themselves.

The bigger bubble, has a bubbly personality shining through. With openness to new things, expansive mind,and opinionated .

Expandable bubbles come and catch the bubbles that popped or just need a helping hand; before they fall to the grass.
I’ll catch you; borrow my pencil! I’ll catch you; here is 20 sheckles for dinner. I’ll catch you; sleepover at my house. I’ll catch you; here is a smile. Welcome to my bubble! Isn’t it nice? It’s big but it’s not a huge bubble of myself. When my family first got a cat, I was at sleep away a camp and I did not like it. Over time I got used to her and now I can not imagine my family without her. I had to expand my bubble to her It’s a huge bubble of you and me. I gave you part of myself, so now your in my bubble. Helping a person is saving their bubble.

Not  every bubble fits every mold. Some things that work for some bubbles will not work for others. All bubbles are round, we all have similar qualities no matter where a person comes from.

There is also the concept of leaving your bubble. The  Rebbe spoke to many people and each one felt The Rebbe’s only concern in the world is the person he is talking to. He would stand for hours on end handing out dollars; leaving his bubble; his life and entering someone else’s bubble.

Shluchim leave their bubble. When my parents were first becoming frum they saw this with the dedication the Rabbi had towards his community and the countless, endless Shabbos meals spent together. This expanded my parents’ bubble to Judaism which led me to go to Hebrew day school and beyond. It changed my parents’ life , my life, and the future generations.

It’s really the way a person views himself on what type of bubble they are in. Every person should experience the little, big, expandable, popped, and on the rare occasion leaving the bubble within themselves for the different bubbles are also a powerful circle.