On Tu B’Shevat (the New Year of the trees), you are supposed to plant your parsley so it will be all ready by Passover to dip in salt water! My siblings and I tried it last year, but all the parsley died before it had more than its first two leaves. I will actually not be trying again this year, since we couldn’t find the parsley, but here are some instructions for you!


First of all, you need something to plant the parsley in. So, get a peat pot (a small pot made out of cardboard) and fill it with dirt!


Next, you need to plant the parsley! I don’t have a picture for this section, since I don’t actually have any parsley, but just bury the seeds as deep as the seed packet tells you to. I would recommend putting two seeds in each pot in case one doesn’t take.

Water well! Seeds need a lot of moisture to grow.


Once seeds sprout, you need to thin them to only one per pot. Try to pick the strongest sprout. You don’t want your pot to look like this! (This is actually my thyme pot, by the way :) )thyme pot

Keep watering… and watering… until your plants get too big for the peat pot. Then, you can put them into a bigger pot by either taking the dirt (with plant) out of the peat pot or just burying the peat pot, since it will decompose. Then keep watering… and watering… until Passover! Pick and enjoy! (Or, don’t enjoy. We dip parsley in salt water to symbolize the tears of the Jewish slaves in Egypt.)

(image from Wikimedia Commons)

(image from Wikimedia Commons)

Plant your parsley and I’ll post again next week!