So my father said, “Well, according to the Jewish Law, you are not allowed to do the work for us because you are Jewish.”
The man answered, “I will be fired if I don’t fix your electricity.”
After a bit of arguing, my father decided that he should just go on with the work, even though he is Jewish.
The man finished the work, then a few months later we had a hurricane.
Before the hurricane even started, our electricity was out. My family and one of our neighbors drove to Austin. (Austin is another city in Texas about a two hour drive from Houston where I live.)
After about a week, my father got a call that from Centerpoint Energy that they are working on getting the electricity on and by the next day it should be on. When my father said “Thank You”,  the man said “Do you remember who I am?”


Stay tuned for the next part! :)

Thanks to Raizy Hoen who took the time for helping me edit part two of this ‘Never Ending Story’