Sorry to keep you waiting for this. Glad to know you were waiting. You weren’t? That’s ok, too.

Take the person you used in the last friendship challenge post. Forgot what that was? I’ll wait here while you look it up.

I want you to fold a piece of paper in half. On one side, I want you to write everything you do for your friend. On the other, I want you to write everything that friend does for you. You can go back and forth and add stuff as much as you want.

Which side is longer?

Try this again with someone who you’re not such good friends with. What do you see? Does this agree with what you feel?

From this, we see that friendship (or basically any other relationship), is about giving. Giving when you want to give, when it makes you happy to give to the person. It’s about what you can do for each other, but you both benefit.

Want to make friends with someone? See what you have to offer her- in a real, meaningful way. (Offering cookies only works until they run out.) Focus on being yourself. After all, you want them to like you. If you’re busy being someone else…

What do you think? Do you want more interactive posts like these? Or more of me talking?

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