Hello everyone, I’m very excited to share the second part of the previous craft with you! I hope you and your dolls enjoy a fabulous game of basketball once this craft is finished! Read this great article by Mega Slam Australia, if you wish to guy the best basketball hoops to practice or play and have fun in your back yard.

photo (30) photo (32) photo (29)


Supplies you will need:



-A glue stick

-Recycled cardboard

-Scrapbook paper

– Clear plastic from recycled packaging

-Construction paper/ colored printer paper

-Twine-like string

-Clear tape

-A ruler

-Pipe cleaners

photo (33)

Step 1: Cut out the base piece of cardboard. If you are making this for an 11 inch doll, it is recommended that the piece of cardboard is 17.5 inches long and 11 inches wide. I used a mailing box that I found in my local post office. Once the cardboard has been cut to size, begin gluing/taping colored paper to its surface.

1. photo (34) 2.photo (35)

Step 2: Cut two rectangles from scrapbook paper/construction paper that are 4.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Glue/tape them to each side of the covered cardboard.

1. photo (37) 2.photo (38)

2. Begin sketching the basketball court’s floor design. I used a picture I found from the internet to use as a visual aid during this step. Once you feel satisfied with your sketch, you can outline it with a marker in a color of your choice. It’s alright if the floor design isn’t perfect! All artistic styles are unique! Shown below is the picture from the internet that I used and the floor design that I drew.

photo                                photo (40)


Step 3:. Cut two rectangles from the clear plastic recycled from packaging. They should be 3.5 inches wide and 4.25 inches long. Use tape and glue to cover their edges with construction paper. These will be used as the backboards for the basketball hoops.

photo (41)

Step 4: Bend two pipe cleaners into circles of equal size. These will become the basketball hoops. You may use your doll’s basketball to help you measure.

photo (42) photo (43)

Step 5: Attach the basketball hoops to the backboards with clear tape. Then, use clear tape to attach pieces of twine-like string to the basketball hoops to create basketball hoop nets.

Close-up of the attachment of the twine-like string:

photo (45)   photo (44)


Step 6: Cut two long strips of cardboard, attach one to each backboard. The length of the cardboard strips will depend on the height of your doll. Once the backboards have been attached, attach the opposite ends of the cardboard strips to the basketball court.

photo (46)  photo (47)  photo (30)


Step 7: Create a team banner for your dolls. Have fun creating different team names! I think I’ll call mine “The Amazing Maidels!” (a maidel is a young girl) or “Team Yaldah!”

photo (29)


We’ve finished! It looks like basketball practice is just about to start! Check out these action shots!

photo (48)  photo (50)  photo (49)