Author: Chanie Gourarie

This Shabbat we commemorate,
A miracle that was truly great,
Just like in the Parsha we see,
How negativity can be transformed totally.

The Egyptians saw the Jews designating sheep,
They started feeling very weak,
To the sheep they would pray,
For the Passover sacrifice, the Jews were taking them away.

The sheep they were planning to roast,
The blood they would put on the doorpost,
The angel of death would pass over the homes of the Jews,
For the Egyptians there would be bad news.

The Jews said that at midnight of the Seder night,
There would be no more first born Egyptians in sight,
The first born Egyptians didn’t want to die,
“Free the Jews now,” they did cry.

They pleaded before Pharoah the king,
But he refused to do anything,
The firstborn who were the lawmakers,
Wanted to be the lawbreakers.

The ones who made the Jews work for so many years,
Were fighting a civil war with tears,
The oppressors finally did choose,
To support the Jews.