Devarim, is the name of the Torah portion,
Where Moshe’s farewell address does begin,
For the last five weeks before Moshe passed away,
He taught the Jews Torah all day.

Why was this time different than all the rest,
To study Torah for forty years they did their best,
The Torah says, that Moshe gave a באר״ CLARIFICATION,״
The commentator, Rashi, has an interesting interpretation.

Into seventy languages, Moshe did translate,
The entire Torah for five weeks straight,
Rashi usually gives us the simple explanation,
From where does Rashi get this information?

Rashi learns this from a future conversation,
In Parshat Ki Tavo, with the Jewish nation,
The Jews would enter the land shortly,
Moshe asked that they fulfill his legacy.

On twelve large rocks, Moshe specified,
In 70 languages, the Torah should be inscribed,
In a manner that would be “WELL CLARIFIED,”
It would take a miracle, as hard as they tried.

The words “WELL CLARIFIED,” are mentioned there,
The word “CLARIFICATION” is mentioned here,
We learn from one verse how to explain another,
When we study Torah, there is so much to discover.

How could the Jewish people benefit or grow,
From hearing the Torah in languages that they did not know?
Moshe knew that entering Israel, wouldn’t be the end of our journey,
We would be exiled and dispersed in every country.

Moshe knew that it was necessary,
To translate the Torah into every language there could be,
So that no Jew could ever say that the Torah isn’t relevant to me,
Moshe made the Torah accessible in every language for you and me!


In the word “HEITEV/ היטב,” which means “WELL (clarified)” we see,
A hint to the number seventy,
Every letter in the Alef Bet,
A different number it does represent.

The letter א׳ equals one, ב׳ is two, ג׳ is three,
Can you count with me?
The letter ה׳ is five, ט׳ is nine and י׳ is ten,
Can you do it again?

From the word היטב, you will get a total of seventy for sure,
If you add the value of each letter with the letters that come before,
The letter ה׳ equals five, ה׳ plus י׳ equals fifteen,
Do you see what I mean?

The letters ה׳ plus י׳ plus ט׳ equals twenty four,
The letters ה׳ plus י׳ plus ט׳ plus ב׳ equals two more.
Add five, fifteen, twenty four, and twenty six, and you will see,
That the sum will be a total of seventy!