by Chanie Gourarie

“After the death of Aharon’s two sons,”
Nadav and Avihu died because they loved Hashem tons,
To be united with Hashem was their desire,
They died when they brought a strange fire.

What does this have to do with me?
On their level I can be!
Nadav and Avihu paved the way,
So that we can feel passion and desire for Hashem today.

After we reach the level of desire,
We need to know that there is a level that is higher,
Saying “I love you!” or “I’m sorry!” is very nice,
But about the other’s needs do we think twice?

It is selfish to just think about how I feel,
Thinking about the other’s desires is the big deal,
I enjoy the time that together we spend,
But putting the other first, is what makes a true friend.

“You, I love!” we should say,
“What can I do for you today?
I can see things from your perspective too,
Because what really matters is you!”

Nadav and Avihu said, “I love you very much!”
But with Hashem’s desire they weren’t in touch,
What counts is what we do,
After we say “I love you!”

To do Mitzvot in this world is the way,
To express our love for Hashem today,
On Yom Kippur “I’m sorry!” we say,
But the challenge is what we do the next day.

How do we keep up the love all year long?
How do we keep our commitment strong?
We realize that we are actually,
A part of Hashem so holy.

To fulfill Hashem’s will is our priority,
Because we are not a separate entity,
Hashem’s desire and our desire become one.
We won’t stop until we are done.