Growing up, I had never heard of a Purim “theme”. Every child dressed up as what they wanted to be, and mishloach manos was an assortment of hamantashen and candies. It seems like now every thing has to fit into a theme, which can be cute but also adds a lot more stress to Purim planning.

Now that I have a little girl to dress up, I was excited about finding a fun costume for her, but didn’t think choosing a theme was necessary. Well, when I found an adorable cupcake costume on eBay, it just seemed natural that my husband and I would dress up as bakers. Two baker hats and aprons, and our costumes were ready. One we were being a family of bakers, it only seemed natural to give cupcakes for mishloach manos. So, we ended up with a theme this year after all. Here are some photos.

I also wanted to share a cute idea that our readers sent in. These girls did an airline theme where they dressed up as flight attendants and gave out airplane style meals, along with “in-flight reading material” — a copy of YALDAH!

Did your family have a theme? What did you dress up as?