While I was organizing my drawers a little while ago,  I thought, why not make a post on organization? I thought of a few tips that helped me, and I think they’ll be useful to you, as well.

  • Make sure you are in the mood of organizing. Otherwise, you won’t work more than a few minutes, which brings me to my next tip
  • Stick to the job. Begin early in the morning, and make sure your breaks take up only a few minutes, like getting a drink. Don’t leave some for the next day, because there will be no next day.
  • Make piles. Organize everything into categories, and design spots for each type of thing.
  • Make lists. Each day, reserve a drawer/closet/shelf, etc. For example: Monday-Top of dresser and first 2 drawers. Tuesday-3 shelves of bookcase, etc. This will help you make sure everything gets done.
  • Reward yourself. After finishing you task for the day, reward yourself with an ice cream, chocolate, or the like. After you finish the whole room, you can buy sushi for yourself, or a similar prize.
  • Get help. Ask your younger siblings to help you by throwing things out for you, bringing you drinks, etc. You can ‘pay’ them with a piece of gum or a small toy.
  • Put on your music. Music makes it easier to work, and you can sing along!

Good luck!