We light the candles with a special prayer, 

This happens everywhere.

Do not blow them out,

Or your mother will shout.

We do not play with muktzeh toys,

Because they make a big loud noise.

Averos and mitzvot are two different things;

When you do a mitzvah,

You grow two wings.

With your wings,

You will fly in the air,

And stop the evil that’s going on down there.

You’ll get higher and higher,

You will soon hear a choir.

There are angels singing to you,

Telling you you’re a very good Jew.

So come on now,

And take a bow.

Do this yourself, 

Because you now know how.

It takes one simple step,

Just light the Shabbat candles.

This will happen to you,

I know it,

Just wait.

Forgive everyone you hate;

That is a mitzvah,

To love every Jew,

Even if they are mean to you.

Go on now,

Run and run,

To your house,

And do some mitzvot.

Come on,

It’s fun!