I was watching a video about the Bais Hamikdash today, and it made me tear up, for reasons I don’t understand. How can you miss something you never had?

The way to bring Moshiach is through Ahavat Yisroal. But that seems impossible. Jews are fragmented, split apart. We have many types of Jews, each with their own traditions, background, and ideas. But somehow, it seems as though the ‘Charedi’ is more important than the ‘Jew’ part.

Not all Yidden follow the Torah’s laws. Not all Yidden do so in the way we do. But before we think about chastising, correcting, repairing, educating- we first need to accept them as Jews. They are also B’nay Yisroal. Ahavah before Din, love before judgment.

No one person can unite the whole world. No matter how hard they try, there will always be a thing known as human nature- people do not like being corrected by a lecturer.

It’s up to us. Every single one of us. To love, to unite, to care. There is the old mashal of the man on a deserted island who built two shuls: One he went to; and one where he wouldn’t go.

We have just one Bais Hamikdash. One place, where nusach Ari and nusach ashkinaz, and nusch spharadi will all daven in unity.

May our merits and ahavah bring this time, אמן, מהרה בימינו !

p.s. Sorry for the short post, and the ‘Henglish’! I have exams tomorrow and the day after, and I only got this idea at the last minute. To fellow test takers- good luck!