For many years, I had not felt connected to my Jewishness.  When I was a child, we always lit Shabbat candles and celebrated holidays together.  But as I grew up I drifted away from my heritage. Working with JGU has been an amazing experience that has helped me reconnect with my Jewishness through discussion, reading and candle lighting each week.

As I’ve started lighting, I’ve felt a real joy in my reconnection to others in the Jewish community and my own Jewish soul. Each week I look forward to lighting Shabbat candles.  Walking by the kitchen and seeing the soft glow of the candles brings me a real sense of peace. Shortly after I started lighting, I invited my friend, Charlotte, to light as well!
Like me, there are so many Jewish girls and women around the world who have lost their connection and live without the joy and inspiration of their Jewish heritage!   They need opportunities to reconnect and shine their light in this world and are just waiting for an invitation from you to light! This is what JGU has been doing with Jewish girls around the world, and this is what you can do, too!  We can all spread the light!
You can be part of the ‘One More Light’ campaign by signing up here  Sign up and start shining your light, and then invite someone else to light, too!


Julie Hintz, JGU Program Coordinator