The amazing light flashes through the window for all guests to see

Just like a lit candle standing straight before me.

But it is a great light, a light for everyone to see

Even at fifty years, even at three!!!

It’s an amazing light that shoots straight up to the sky lighting the trees all around us…

Little butterflies with bright orange wings fluttering from place to place plucking yummy nectar from red

Roses waiting for the Shabbos Queen to arrive.

This little candle that spreads so much light holds a beautiful fiery flame

Every Friday night thousands of Jewish women and girls starting from the tender age of three all light

Their Shabbos candles which unite them as one with one big light together…

Women and girls welcoming the Shabbos Queen can change the world as one big nation

Together as one

With one goal…

To make the Rebbe proud

To inspire others to do the same!!!



— Chana Friedman, Age 12
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, USA