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Jewish is so yesterday!

Jewish may be who my ancestors were, but the beauty of today’s world is that everyone is free to decide who he is and how he wants to identify himself.

Jewish is so yesterday!

And yes, physical exercise can take the place of spiritual nonsense because it stimulates the same part of the brain. The difference is that physical exercise promotes health. Spiritual nonsense is a waste of time and just enriches various gurus and sellers of empty and inane ritual objects

I found this comment on I wrote it down to remind myself of the world, and how people can be ignorant beyond belief. I am a Jew, and a proud one at that. I know for a fact that what Hashem says is right and the Torah that He wrote is the truth. I plan to live my life as an orthodox (specifically, Chabad) Jewish woman. Though sometimes the world thinks otherwise, there is a simple fact that I know is correct beyond a shadow of a doubt: G-d is our master, and G-d is one.

Am Yisroel Chai.