Rosh HaShonah is fast approaching. Scary, as most things are decided on that day. Three things in financial matters are not decided, though. Those are:

How much money will be spent for Shabbos (that includes all foods, I guess that does not help us with the high price of Kosher meat and chickens), how much money will be spent for Yamim Tovim (that is a lot of food, considering matzah on Pesach, marror, lettuce, pomegranates, fish head, carrots…. you name it! At least Yom Kippur does not add to the expenses), and how much money will be spent on tuition is not decided on Rosh HaShonah.

Next week’s question: What is like unto a wooden well, the contents of which are drawn up, as it were, by a bucket of iron; that thing taken up no more than stones, which forthwith are irrigated by water?”