After getting back from MetroImma’s Social Media Schmooze tonight I’m back and committed to keeping this blog going (along with our fantastic staff members).

Confession #1 — I logged into blogger and saw that there were 11 comments waiting moderation. Sorry about that! Somehow I never got emails about them — so now you can go back and see all your comments.

Confession #2 — My last post was June 29th?! The good news is that the reason I haven’t blogged in…139 days…is because there’s been so much going on at YALDAH. So now for the updates:

This year I’m a sophomore in Stern College (Yeshiva University) in NYC. I’m enjoying all the opportunities of being in the NYC area, although this seems to be the most challenging year of juggling so far. YALDAH has really expanded (which you’ll read more about later) which means more jobs for me, and full time college is REALLY hard to fit in with that! I’m trying to get through my first semester with more than 3 hours of sleep every night, but I haven’t been too successful so far…

So what’s going on at YALDAH?

First of all – we have a new executive editor! I was thrilled when I got an email from Lena Greenberg this summer (I was actually so excited I read it out loud to Chavie Resnick and Penina Harrison who were at the Jewish Girls Retreat with me) and Lena joined our team this Fall. Hopefully she’ll also blog about how her job at YALDAH is going.
After the retreat was over, I stayed in Albany a few extra days to brainstorm. Our campers were so inspired and wanted something more during the year to keep up the inspiration. I actually missed my bus home and stayed in Albany an extra day — thank G-d, because in that day (and all night) Jewish Girls Unite was born. You can find out more at We already have 7 clubs ranging from Texas to Germany, and we’re looking forward to more!

In the summer, thanks to winning the Survival of the Smartest contest sponsored by Office Depot, I was finally able to get a desk. Thank you to Nechama Saltzman for letting me know about the contest!Here are some photos of getting the desk set up…

Re-filing subscriptions…

…and lots of other stuff!
My sister Rochel in her new seat as subscriptions manager
Of course, once we got the nice desk all organized and set up, it was time for me to leave to New York. But I’m glad my mother and sister are enjoying the new YALDAH headquarters :-)
Here’s more exciting news: This year our winter retreat is being in a luxury hotel! Last year, when I was in Israel, I was really upset to have to miss the winter retreat — I felt like I was missing a family reunion. So I’m already counting down the days till this year’s winter retreat (38 to be precise!) and looking forward to seeing so many YALDAH readers. I’ve heard rumors that there are even girls flying in from California & Georgia. Check out for more info.
I can’t write in detail about everything else that’s been going on or else this post would be pages long, but here’s a little summary: marketing One is Not a Lonely Number, finishing up editing Teen Talk (stay tuned for more updates on when you can plan to see it in print…), launching a new TEEN SECTION of the website, training our new graphic designer, getting the Jewish Girls Unite lessons edited and formatted, launching Linked in Torah, trying to get more subscribers, speaking for schools… and trying to get a good night’s sleep.
I’m going to be in Florida this Thursday through Sunday…check back soon to find out what I’ll be doing there!
Oh, and we’re accepting applications for the 2011 Editorial Board. You can download the application at Make sure it’s postmarked before December 31st!

And now…I should get back to my science homework…